uSEE Warranty Info

DIT Product Warranty Statement

General Product Warranty

DIT Technologies’ uSee equipment is covered by a return to base 12-month warranty. Our warranty only covers manufacturing faults as a result of faulty parts and workmanship. Our warranty does not cover any of the following: 


  1. Physical damage incurred as a result of freight/postage, the customer/end user, environmental influences (storms, hail, wind, etc.) or animals (livestock, birds, dogs, etc.) 
  2. Physical damage incurred due to incorrect customer installation 
  3. Water/dust/heat ingress through the device due to lids/covers being left open 
  4. Damage from incorrect installation of batteries with reverse polarity  
  5. Damage to batteries caused by temperatures which are outside the specified limits of the product 
  6. Damage to the battery resulting from deep discharge. This can be caused by several things but not limited to: 
    1. Dirty solar panel 
    2. Missing solar panel 
    3. Damaged solar panel
    4. Solar panel not installed as per instruction 
  7. Warranty is void if any of the following occur: 
    1. The device being tampered with in anyway 
    2. Device has been opened other than as directed by a DIT Technologies authorised repairer. 
    3. Device has unauthorised modification including but not limited to, addition of solar panels, change of battery type, change of mounting system etc. 

Warranty Repairs

If a device needs repair due to manufacturing faults, faulty parts or poor workmanship, the customer must return it to the Townsville Shed at their cost. They must also provide proof of purchase date to the responsible uSee support person. If the device is deemed to be covered by warranty, DIT will cover: 

  1. The cost of the repair. 
  2. The cost of freight/postage to return the device to the customer. 
  3. Cost of parts affected by warranty. 

Regular Repairs (ourside warranty, physical damage etc)

If a device needs repair and is outside of its 12-month warranty and/or been subject to any scenarios not covered by warranty and listed under ‘General Product Warranty’ above, there are additional charges applicable to the customer. DIT Technologies has a $100 flat fee to test and diagnose each individual device that comes into the Townsville Manufacturing Shed. This fee is payable regardless of whether the device can/cannot be repaired. Before any repair work is undertaken, DIT Technologies will supply the customer with a quote to repair and will require verbal and/or written communication to approve the work to be completed. The repair work will be conducted, and each device tested following DIT Testing Procedures. The device will then be sent back to the customer for self-installation and an invoice for repairs will be sent out via email upon despatch. 



Our Warranty on Repairs

There is limited warranty applicable to a repair, in the event that a device is repaired by DIT Technologies. DIT Technologies will provide 12 months warranty on the following: 

  1. Labour/faulty workmanship. 
  2. Replaced new parts only (i.e. no second-hand parts will be covered). 
  3. Where repairs to circuit boards occur, only replaced components will be covered – not the entire board. 

DIT Technologies will not cover: 

  1. Components not included in the original repair. 
  2. Second-hand parts used to assist customer as requested. 
  3. Repairs conducted to circuit boards to repair 
    1. Where corrosion is present 
    2. Moisture damage 
  4. Damage due to freight/transport 

Please also note: An escalation of repair does not result in a replacement device. I.e. if a faulty circuit board has been repaired once, comes back for warranty on repair, now no longer repairable does not result in a replacement circuit board supplied to the customer. 


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