Stress and Dehydration Relief

Key Points

– Water soluble solution designed for livestock
– Magnesium to provide stress relief
– Glucose to provide a simple source of energy to ruminant microflora
– Trace elements and electrolytes to aid in rehydration
– Some urea phosphate to provide a source of P and some slow release urea to introduce weaner ruminent microflora to NPN

Why supplement uCALM?

Livestock experience stress during yarding, transport and weaning, resulting in production loss from decreased appetite and extended recovery periods. UCALM provides Magnesium as a natural sedative to reduce stressed behavior and Glucose to increase cellulose digestion.

Formulation Design

– uTrace, trace element solution
– Magnesium Sulphate
– Glucose
– Urea phosphate
– Ammonium Sulphate

Cost Comparison

DIT Technologies Competitor Product
Per L $10.00 $17.16

Cost per head per day – 10ml

$ 0.10 $ 0.17

Cost per head per day – 30ml

$ 0.30 $ 0.51
Cost per headper day – 50ml $ 0.50 $ 0.86

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