uCALM Export

The Complete Live Export Product

Key Points

– Designed specifically to supplement livestock during live export or extended periods of transportation
– Supports welfare during prolonged periods of stress
– Increases the productive capacity of livestock across the supply chain

Why supplement uCALM Export?

Livestock experience stress during prolonged period of transport, including live export. By supplementing with uCALM EXPORT the cattle are rehydrated and transport stress is reduced. The formulation provides rumen microorganisms with a supply of glucose to ensure cellulose digestion can return to normal function as soon as possible. This will allow animals to return to feed sooner.

Formulation Design

uCALM EXPORT is specially formulated to encourage increased feeding after transport or other stressful events (weaning/extended transport events). uCALM EXPORT contains:

– uTrace, trace element mixture
– Magnesium
– Glucose

Cost Breakdown

DIT Technologies
Per L $13.00

Cost per head per day – 10ml

$ 0.13

Cost per head per day – 30ml

$ 0.39

Cost per head per day – 50ml

$ 0.65

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