Essential Trace Mineral Boost

Key Points

– Most cost-effective way to combat trace element deficiencies
– Reduce intensive handling and associated animal stress
– Eliminate trace element needling requirements
– Customization can be done to address specific trace elements deficiencies

Why supplement uTRACE?

Soils and pasture through Australia experience trace mineral deficiencies. Livestock grazing on these pastures lack the essential trace minerals required for growth, production and fertility. By supplementing uTRACE the minerals are provided to animal for prime production.

Formulation Design

uTRACE is a water-soluble trace element solution that is formulated to provide all major trace elements and support deficiency susceptibility. It can be customised to address specific trace element deficiencies. uTRACE contains:

– Iodine
– Copper
– Cobalt
– Selenium
– Zinc
– Manganese

Available in:

25L Drum
200L Drum
1000L Shuttle

Cost Comparison

DIT Technologies Competitor Products
Per L $6.00 $19.60
Cost per head per day $0.07 $0.24

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