Smash Phosphorus Deficiency

Key Points

– Designed specifically to address Phosphorus deficiency during the wet and growing seasons when Phosphorus is the limiting nutrient
– Phosphorus supplementation during the wet season on P deficient country has been shown to:

– Increase growth of young growing stock by 30-40kg/year

– Increase weaning rates of breeders by 10-30%

Why supplement uPHOS?

Cattle and sheep require Phosphorus for almost every function of the body. Whilst Phosphorus is used for the production of bones, teeth, metabolisation and milk production, it is the utilisation of feed when Phosphorus deficiency presents that is an acute production issue for graziers on phosphorus deficient country.

During the wet or growing season, when ample pasture protein and energy are available to cattle and sheep, the deficit of Phosphorus can result in reduced intake of feed. Animals that are most at risk of Phosphorus deficiency are young cattle who need it for growing bones, first calf heifers and late pregnant breeders who need it for both their own requirements and that of their unborn calf, as well as wet cows who require Phosphorus for milk production.

As well as the animal requirements for Phosphorus, what is less known is that ruminant microbes also require a source of Phosphorus to maximise normal rumen fermentation. If these microbial requirements are not met, the lower fermentation rate will result in less pasture digestibility.

Formulation Design

uPHOS contains:

– Phosphoric Acid to provide a source of 100% available P to ruminant microflora
– Ammonium Sulphate to provide a source of sulphur as well as some small amount of nitrogen
– DIT’s trademarked uTRACE trace element formulation, containing copper, cobalt, selenium, manganese, zinc and iodine
– uPHOS does not contain any calcium as calcium deficiency is rarely an issue in Northern Australia.


Whilst is is important to balance to P:C ratio, grazing cattle will obtain this requirement directly from the pasture.

Available in:

25L Drum
110L Enviro Drum
200L Drum
1000L IBC Shuttle

*note, this product is only available in liquid form

Cost Comparison

(100% soluble bioavailability)

Kynophos 75% Salt 25% (70% soluble bioavailability)

12% P Lick Block @$1250/mt (70% soluble bioavailability)

High P Dry Lick @$950/mt (70% soluble bioavailability)

10 grams P

$ 0.11

$ 0.11

$ 0.15


1 month per 100 head

$ 339.00

$ 326.60

$ 437.00

$ 360.00

1 month per 1000 head

$ 3,390.00

$ 3,266.00

$ 4,370.00

$ 3,600.00

1 month per 10,000 head

$ 33,900.00

$ 32,660.00

$ 43,700.00

$ 36,000.00

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