No matter the application, DIT Technologies’ dispensing units have been designed to maximise the effectiveness of proportionally dosing animal health additives and supplements into livestock drinking water.


The uDOSE PRO is designed exclusively for use with the DIT supplement range. Put an end to expensive lick runs and ensure that all your herd are receiving the correct dose of supplements while enjoying the peace of mind that our safety features offer. Check on the efficiency and control the uDOSE PRO from the palm of your hand with the uSEE app.

  • Treat up to 10,000 head per day per unit
  • Multiple fail safe mechanisms proven to provide safety
  • Solar powered
  • Remote telemetry with uSEE Platform connectivity
  • Tech support available


Without the need for the advanced safety mechanisms required when safely feeding urea, the uDOSE provides producers with a very simple and cost effective proportional dosing unit to enable the supplementing of Phosphorus, trace elements, uCALM and other non urea based supplements. The uDOSE is ideal for installation in yards, on boats and in small paddocks with few troughs.

  • Touch screen microprocessor for simplicity and ease of use
  • Compatibility with a range of pumps to suit a large number of varying install requirements
  • An electronic solenoid valve to prevent siphoning
  • An electronic flow sensor to measure each dose of supplement accurately


The NutriPro is the hybrid unit that combines the superior safety of the uDOSE Pro with the precise dosing accuracy of the uDOSE. The NutriPro is the most sophisticated water supplement dispensing unit available on the market.

  • A microprocessor control board
  • The inclusion of a 107 PSI shurflo diaphragm pump which enables injection into high-pressure lines
  • The inclusion of a peristaltic pump
  • Able to dose an enormous range of liquid additives to livestock drinking water including all uPro, uPhos and high-volume urea-based products to very fine amounts of trace elements, electrolytes and viscous liquids such as bloats oils and molasses based products
  • A solenoid valve that prevents siphoning or backflow from the water line when the unit is not dosing
  • An internal flow sensor that is able to detect any discrepancy
  • The additional safety of a conductivity meter can be added to a NutriPro. The conductivity meter is able to monitor and detect any irregular rise in the concentration of urea in the water after each dose
  • Full remote monitoring of units through satellite telemetry is available


A purpose built proportional dosing system designed specifically for Intensive Livestock Industries. 

  • Low cost
  • Easy to install
  • Simple design
  • Accurately dose inputs such as antibiotics, electrolytes, glucose and other animal health inputs

Which Dispensing Unit Do I Need?

DIT Technologies’ water supplementation dispensers each contain many unique features designed to suit the broadest range of applications. To work out which system is right for your herd, talk to our sales team who will work with you to choose the right doser or we can customise any system to suit your specific needs.

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